About us

”We export understanding and knowledge of business opportunities in Norrbotten, and import establishers and investors into the county.”

Invest in Norrbotten’s assignment is to play an active, systematic part in attracting investments and business start-ups to Norrbotten with the aim of creating more job opportunities in the region. The company Invest in Norrbotten AB, is financed by the county council and the municipalities of Norrbotten.

Invest in Norrbotten is tasked with raising the market’s understanding of the county’s advantages and selling the region’s opportunities for presumptive business founders and investors both national and international. Invest in Norrbotten is a coordinating, supporting function at regional level, and does not close deals; these always take place at the local community level.

The strategy is to work closed together with the municipalities in the county, and initiate processes aimed at achieving improved sales and reception organizations in the respective communities and locations. Equally important is working together with communities to pick out the best reasons as to why a company should set up or invest in a particular community or location.

In June 2010 a cooperation agreement between Business Sweden and Invest in Norrbotten was signed. Through collaboration with Business Sweden, and with help of agents / brokers tied up to Invest in Norrbotten, the unique business opportunities offered in Norrbotten are being marketed.

Invest in Norrbotten started as a project in November 2009, but operate since October 2012 as a limited company.